PAMA International Competitions

PAMA Competition South Africa 2014 - postponed
It was a very sad day when PAMA SA 2014 was postponed due to Ebola outbreak, but we have received the fantastic news that South Africa will be hosting again in December 2017!
14th PAMA Competition in Hong Kong 2013

Invitation to PAMA Competition in Hong Kong

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13th PAMA Competition in Taiwan 2012

Invitation to PAMA Competition in Taiwan

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12th PAMA Competition in Thailand 2011

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The 12th PAMA Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition was held in Thailand in December 2011 and was a massive success!

Throughout the competition, our South African team proudly wore their green and gold shirts which were presented to them by the South African Rugby Union (SARU)

11th PAMA Competition in Malaysia 2010

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10th PAMA Competition in India 2008