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PAMA Competition South Africa 2014 – postponed & PAMA International Affiliations 2014
16th PAMA Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition -  Seoul - Korea
15th PAMA Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition - San Francisco - USA 2015

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Why A+Students

A+Students is a Japanese method of education that teaches children as young as 2 ½ (30 months) to solve complex arithmetic problems by playing with educational toys like the Soroban and our A+Play Maths range of educational toys. A⁺Students is powerful brain development! A+Students by CMATHS improves concentration and boosts self-confidence, improves intelligence and creates a love for Maths.

visit our to learn more about us.

A+Students and PAMA Testemonials 

Proud parents Ben and Nadine Pienaar Japan Camp 2015

Dear Marlene and team

Herewith an enormous thank you for sponsoring Eben to attend the ISDF camp in Japan. What a fantastic time he had!

Who thought maths would enable you to experience so many things? Travelling internationally, engaging and having fun with children from many different countries, languages and cultures, strange new smells, tastes and routines of traditional Japan was all part of an opportunity he will never forget!

A big thank you to Hantie and her team, especially so to Elette, who took care of him as if he was their own!

The memories of this trip as well as the math skills acquired will carry him through life as confirmation that if I try, even if whatever seems difficult, I can!

Proud parents

Ben and Nadine Pienaar

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